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Want to get the most out of your digital music from a sound and file quality standpoint? We can help guide you to the right format choice for your system. We offer CD quality and archival formats including FLAC, Apple Lossless, WAV and AIFF. You can also rest assured that we use some of the best CD ripping equipment and software in the industry. We use the exact same commercial grade CD ripping/duplication equipment that was the chosen solution for EMI (Abbey Road in particular), Sony Music, A&M, Capitol Records, Reprise, Warner Brothers, Imax, and many others. This equipment was chosen by these recording companies for it’s ability to make frame accurate copies that can be verified. Combine this with our best in industry DataClean metadata and it makes for a squeaky clean, perfect sounding music experience. Contact us anytime to learn more, or get started with an order here
Preserve the sound quality of your CDs when converting them to digital with dmp3
Play CDs in your car again by converting them to digital with dmp3

On The Go

Have a car that no longer has a CD player? Don’t like music subscription services but have a nice CD library? Or maybe you just want to complement a subscription service with your own collection. We can liberate your CDs and put all that music at your fingertips wherever you are. All your CD music can be put on a flash drive, SD card, MP3 player, iPod, Phone or portable drive. Today’s flash drives can now hold up to 2500 CDs! Contact us for more information or get an order started today!

At Home

Do you have shelves or boxes of CDs at home? Maybe you’re in a small apartment and want to free up space? Or you’re moving and looking to organize pair down? We can take your CD library and add it to your digital life. The music files we create from your CDs are compatible with all streaming devices, phones, tablets, cloud services, home systems like SONOs and home music managers like Roon. Contact us or place an order today to upgrade your digital music life and free up space!
Declutter your home by converting your CDs to digital with dmp3
We work with home audio service providers with clients transition to digital music libraries

Service Provider

Are you a home audio service provider or installer with clients making the transition to digital systems? We have years of experience working with service providers, closing the loop by integrating the client’s CD collection with their new system. We are familiar with most high-end in home solutions and can create a set of quality music files that are perfectly compatible. We also offer highly organized metadata and embedded album art that will display properly on all music servers, digital players and devices. Contact us to learn more anytime. You can also have your client contact us directly with questions or to place an order.