What Is Dataclean™ Advanced Metadata Cleanup?

If you’ve ever ripped CDs yourself, you’ve probably wished that the resulting album information (metadata) was cleaner and more organized. With DataClean™, dmp3 Music’s proprietary post-encoding advanced ID3 tag cleanup process, every order is scanned for incorrect or inconsistent metadata, and then cleaned to produce a super-organized, ready to use digital music library and file directory. Every order includes a job summary of any anomalies.

You can also send us your existing digital music library and we’ll clean it up using our DataClean™ Process. So if your current library is out of whack a needs a full scale tune-up, contact us for a quote.


DataClean™ Guarantee

We are confident that our delivered data is the best in the industry. If you are not completely satisfied with the quality and organization of your delivered music library, we will correct any problems free of charge, or refund your money. How can we guarantee this? In addition to using a number of high quality databases, we use our proprietary process to clean your entire library with a fine tooth comb. The end result is far better than what any standalone database (Gracenote, AMG, Sonata, GD3) can lay claim to. We have spent years perfecting this process, so chances are we are ahead of any other service that might offer advanced metadata cleanup. See our Dataclean™ process list below to get an idea of the lengths we go to.

NOTE: Our Premium CD Ripping Service includes everything you see on this page. Our Standard CD Ripping Service includes a cursory review to ensure metadata (artist, album, title, genre) accuracy, but not the complete DataClean process as listed below. If your collection contains over 10% non-commercial, handmade, heavily scratched, or unrecognized/obscure discs there will be additional charges for manual ripping, database lookups and/or data entry. If this is the case we will provide an estimate for the additional work prior to proceeding with your project.

DataClean™ Process:

A Note on Disc Cleaning: As part of our DataClean™ process, damaged or dirty discs are cleaned, repaired, and given special attention to ensure a high-quality, error free rip.

Questions? We’re always happy to answer them. Please contact us.