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We convert your entire CD collection into an organized digital library (other formats also available), saving you from the chore. If you were to do it yourself an hour a day, it could take several months. We also offer other digital music/data services, library cleanup and organization. See our Ordering or Services page for more details.

As soon as you place an order we send you a CD spindle shipping kit for your CDs. The kit contains instructions, CD spindles, and a pre-paid FedEx Ground return label. When we receive your CDs we convert them into the digital format(s) of your choice. Once your order is complete we send you portable/flash drive and/or MP3 player containing your organized digital library, along with your CDs. From here you can enjoy your music by copying the files from the drive to any computer and by syncing the music to any phone or other digital music player.

What separates us from any other CD ripping service, or just doing it yourself for that matter? For starters, experience. We have been in business longer than all our competitors (17 years and running). We’re almost as old as the iPod! We have leveraged this experience to learn all the ins and outs of the technology, as well as best practices for providing the most value. This means that we use the best CD ripping equipment and software, calibrated to an ensure error-free, high quality rip of each CD. We also have a metadata cleanup process has that has been honed to perfection over the years. On top of that, we are in communication with you through every step of the order process, and always respond quickly (usually the same day) to any problem, question, or inquiry. We back this all up with a guarantee of quality. If you are unhappy with any aspect of your delivered library, we will fix it free of charge or refund your money. If you ever have any questions about our services, pricing or process please contact us anytime.

When you place an order, your credit card will be charged for the estimated amount. When the job is complete we then process either a credit to the card or issue an email invoice to account for any differences in final CD count or other order changes. If you are unsure of your CD count it’s better to over-estimate than under-estimate so that you’re sure to get enough CD spindles in your shipping kit.

For typical orders we charge and additional $0.30 per CD to handle CDs in jewel cases or binders. There are also additional shipping charges due to larger volume and number of boxes being shipped. Please contact us for a shipping quote if you are interested in this.

Yes. We send all CDs back to you with your newly converted digital library, unless otherwise requested.

Turnaround time varies by the size of your CD collection and sometimes by job complexity (rare titles, scratched or scuffed cds, multiple formats required, etc.). Our turnaround is typically around 15* business days, not including transit times. If you have a specific requirement or deadline please let us know! We can often accommodate it. Expedited shipping and/or rush charges may apply for quick turnarounds.

*IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to current demand for our services, we cannot absolutely guarantee our stated turnaround time. If you would like your project completed and shipped by a certain date we urge you to communicate this when you place your order. If ordering online please use the ‘special instructions’ section of the order form to communicate your desired completion date. We will then respond with a confirmation.

We have done the research and have determined that AccurateRip is a perfectly acceptable way of verifying the bit perfect quality of files, but that it is also based on technical jargon that doesn’t always hold up. It is somewhat unsure how AccurateRip’s database is determined. AccurateRip data is based on a somewhat arbitrary rip to which others are measured. It is not based on AES standard or any other standard that we know of.

i.e. give me your best technical jargon!

We use the exact same commercial grade CD ripping/duplication equipment that was the chosen solution for EMI (Abbey Road in particular), Sony Music, A&M, Capitol Records, Reprise, Warner Brothers, Imax, and many others. This equipment was chosen by these recording companies for it’s ability to make frame accurate copies that could be verified. CD-DA (Red Book) is considered unverifiable but our equipment’s frame accurate imaging and reproduction make it possible.

Audio CD-DA discs do not have the same EDC (Electronic Data Capture) and ECC (Error Correcting Code) of data discs. They do however have a form of EDC and ECC. Each frame or block of an audio CD is 2352 while a typical data disc is 2048 bytes. More bytes are used for ECC and EDC in a data disc block than an audio CD as they need to be more robust. With Audio CDs, modern players can hide errors with over sampling and recover from errors with techniques such as average, holds, and mutes. During ripping our equipment monitors the C1 and C2 decoder errors coming off the drive. E11, E21, E12, E22 are all recoverable with data redundancy, although an E32 (3 errors in the second stage of error correction) is not recoverable and we will fail the disc. Many modern drives will still play these discs and consequently rip them. This is why only certain optical drives are supported in our equipment/software. This helps guarantee that the process always delivers the quality rip we desire from each CD.

The equipment we use is the equipment same equipment used by Fortune 500 companies, the US government,  and significant institutions such as the the Library of Congress, the Smithsonian, the BBC, CBC, NPR, NHS, The National Archives of New Zealand and Australia, The NewYork City Archive, professional archivists like Iron Mountain, Preservation Technologies, and countless other university archives & libraries. In addition, it was vetted by George Blood Audio and became their standard.

We offer two service packages. Our Standard Service is $0.79 per CD which includes high quality data (artist, album, track, genre), but only basic data verification of your library after ripping. The most popular package is our Premium Service for $1.19 per CD where you get our complete DataClean™ service. This service includes high quality album art, advanced library cleanup/grooming and duplicate elimination, helping to to simplify browsing/searching for artists, albums, and songs. For more information see our Services page.

We have tiered shipping costs based on your quantity of CDs. All shipping costs are total shipping costs ( 3 legs – kit, CDs to us, and completed order to you) for your order, and include the CD shipping kit. For example if you have up to 200 CDs your flat shipping cost is $29 for all shipping, regardless of your location. Please note that orders from Hawaii and Alaska will incur additional shipping charges.

Other than shipping the only cost other than the per CD price would be for a hard drive, if needed. You can either send in your own hard drive or purchase one from us. For a list of drives you can purchase from us please see our Ordering page. We also have add-on services such as any second digital format for $0.25 per CD, or loading of a second drive/device for $35.



For a good all-around universal format that will work with any device or playback software we recommend MP3 at the 256Kbps bit rate. This is equivalent to what you would get if you purchase downloads from iTunes or Amazon. If you use Apple products and want the highest sound quality choose Apple Lossless. For PC based music playback software choose FLAC for the best sound quality. Note that Apple Lossless and FLAC files take 3x as much storage space. Archival and audiophile formats (WAV, AIFF) are also available. For a more guidance on making the right choice please refer to this excellent Lifehacker article.

CDs are converted to MP3 or AAC format at 192 kbps – 320 kbps, depending on your preference of size vs. sound quality. The following audiophile, lossless and archival formats are also available: Apple Lossless, WMA Lossless, FLAC, AIFF and WAV.

We can load just about any type of hard drive or digital music player with your library. This includes tiny SD cards, external hard drives, mp3 players, music servers, network (NAS) drives and everything in between. There is a section of the order form to tell us the details of the device you are sending in. You can also purchase a drive from us. Please see the drives we have available on our Ordering page.

Yes, hard drives, flash drives and SD cards are available for purchase during the order process. Typically our drives are competitively priced, however we generally carry only high quality drives that offer stability and fast transfer speeds. If you decide to use your own drive we recommend sending in a high quality USB 3.0 compatible drive.

CDs are converted to the universal supported MP3 format at 192 kbps – 320 kbps, depending on your preference of size vs. sound quality. We generally recommend the MP3 format ripped at 320 kbps, unless you have a space limitation such as a small iPod. Most people cannot tell the difference in sound quality between an MP3 ripped at 320 Kbps and the original CD. However we highly encourage everyone to consider an archival or audiophile format as an archival/backup or for use with higher end audio equipment. These formats include FLAC, Apple Lossless (ALAC), AIFF and WAV.

On average, 100 audio CDs in mp3 format at 256 kbps will take up approximately 10GB of hard drive space. Lossless formats (FLAC, Apple Lossless) use about 30GB of space per 100 CDs. You can also look at our hard drive price list which has estimated CD capacity for all the drives we sell. Please feel free to contact us if you have a specific question regarding hard drive space.

We no longer offer data DVDs as a delivery media option. We have found that for most customers it is much easier and more stable to receive their music on a hard drive, flash drive or SD card.

Every Premium CD Ripping Service Order Includes:

  • CD conversion to your preferred format and bit rate
  • DataClean™ file cleanup and organization
  • Your digital music library loaded onto external hard drive or flash drive
  • Job summary
  • Printed digital music library
  • Standard CD Ripping Service includes basic data verification only, and no printed catalog

Delivery method is typically an external USB hard drive, flash drive or MP3 player. You may either purchase a hard drive from dmp3 Music or provide your own. We do not sell MP3 players, but we can load your library to just about any type of device. If you have something in mind just let us know!

A typical order currently has a turnaround time of 3 weeks*, not including shipping. Turnaround time may increase for the following:

  • Collections over 600 CDs
  • Orders with CDs in jewel cases or CD binders
  • Poor condition of CDs (scratched or damaged CDs may not be processed)
  • Inclusion of DVDs, enhanced CDs, CD-ROMs and CD-Rs
  • Large percentage of classical music titles, audiobooks or multi-disc sets
  • Large percentage of non-standard titles (e.g. children’s, educational, etc.)

We accept Visa, Mastercard, and Amazon Payments. We also accept PayPal though it is not currently available via our online order form. If you prefer to pay via PayPal please call 785-856-0034 to place your order. We will then send you a PayPal invoice when your job is complete. PayPal invoices must be paid in full before we ship out your completed order.
When you place an order, your credit card will be charged for the estimated amount. When the job is complete we then process either a credit to the card or issue an email invoice to account for any differences in final CD count or other order changes. Charges will appear on your credit card statement as ‘dmp3 Digital LLC’.
If you need to make changes to your order after it’s been placed, please call us at 785-856-0034.

If your shipping kit has not been sent to you yet you may cancel your order at no charge. If your shipping kit has already been sent to you there will be a $25 per kit box cancellation fee charged to the payment method provided.

Unless you specify during the order process that you’ll ship your CDs directly to us, we’ll send you a shipping kit that contains the necessary shipping materials for your CD collection and any included devices. As a convenience you can choose to ship your CDs in their existing jewel cases or CD binders, which will save you the hassle of removing them for shipping but will increase shipping and handling costs. See below for how each process works:

Shipping Kit Process
Several days after you’ve submitted your order you’ll receive a shipping kit via FedEx® Ground that contains the materials you’ll need to ship your CDs to us:

1) Slide your CDs onto the protective spindles

2) Seal the package.

3) Affix the included, prepaid FedEx return label and drop it off at the nearest FedEx location.

Direct Shipping Process
If you are shipping your CDs to us directly (without a dmp3 Music shipping kit):

  • Pack your shipment well, using packing materials to avoid damage
  • Include a hard copy of your order/estimate
  • Reference your job number on the shipping label or boxes
  • Provide us with a tracking number
  • We recommend that you insure your shipment
  • Please see our Contact Page for our shipping address

All shipments are sent via FedEx Ground with no signature required unless otherwise noted or requested. You will receive email updates with tracking information after your order is placed. Expedited FedEx Express shipments are by request only and will incur additional shipping costs.

All CDs are fully insured for $10 per CD or up to a maximum CD / hardware replacement cost of $10,000. IMPORTANT NOTE: Shipping insurance does not include shipments stolen or lost after FedEx has confirmed delivery to the shipping address on your order form. Therefore you should carefully follow the FedEx tracking information we provide when your order has been completed and shipped.

Our packing and shipping process has proven to be extremely safe, secure and reliable. We have used the same CD spindle shipping kit system for many years with great success, resulting in many happy customers.

Need more information? Please contact us:

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