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Upgrading Your Technology?

We can put all your old-school music on your new-school devices.

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Amazing CD Collection Collecting Dust?

Don’t let all that hard earned money go to waste!

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No CD Player?

No worries, your music can live on and be enjoyed digitally for years to come.

dmp3 is the leading CD to digital conversion service.

You send us your CDs, and we send you all their data and content on an SD card, USB or Hard Drive. Our proprietary system for ripping your CD collection to digital files is the best in the business. We are proud of our high satisfaction rate and customized service.

A great holiday gift for that friend who still has way too many CDS!

DATACLEAN™ Advanced metadata Cleanup

If you’ve ever ripped CDs yourself, you’ve probably wished that the resulting album information (metadata) was cleaner and more organized. With DataClean™, dmp3 Music’s proprietary post-encoding advanced ID3 tag cleanup process, every order is scanned for incorrect or inconsistent metadata, and then cleaned to produce a super-organized, ready to use digital music library and file directory. Every order includes a job summary of any anomalies.

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What We Do For You

Do you have a collection of CDs but no CD player? Are you tired of digging through CDs to find the one you want? Then you need a digital music library!
A digital music library allows you to marry all your favorite CDs with today’s technology. We can help you get all that music and data onto your phone, computer, or whatever other device you’d like. We’re here to make the transition to digital music easy and enjoyable for our customers by providing the highest quality technology and customer service. All our work is guaranteed, which means if you aren’t happy we fix your issue at no charge or we refund your money.
It’s your music. Your way.


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